La Visciola Azienda Agricola

La Visciola is a family-run winery. Meet Rosa, Piero, Cecilia and Elisia

La Visciola Azienda Agricola

La Visciola is a family-run winery. Rosa and Piero, husband and wife, along with their two daughters, Cecilia and Elisia, are the driving forces behind it. Cecilia works full-time alongside her parents, while Elisia has another job but lends a helping hand, especially during the grape harvest. La Visciola is a family first, and winery second, and feels like a home away from home when you visit them. For Marko, it's almost like having a second family.

Situated in Piglio, approximately an hour from Rome, it's a charming village where Cesanese del Piglio, the local indigenous grape (DOCG), reigns supreme. This grape yields a fantastic red wine, and we believe it's one of Italy's most talented wines. Historically, wines from the Lazio region, especially those around Rome, such as Piglio, Olevano Romano, Frascati, and more, have been low-quality. Being in proximity to Rome is a double-edged sword; the influx of tourists to a city like Rome allows for the sale of almost anything, often making quality lower in priority. Fortunately, this situation has been changing in recent decades!

Cesanese is, as previously mentioned, a remarkable grape known for its longevity, tannin, structure, and elegance. Piglio itself is a beautiful region with more to offer than just wine. When you visit Piero, he'll be quick to say, "Here, there's also wine." This is unlike other areas, which are predominantly covered in vineyards, and lacking in biodiversity. In the Piglio designation, there are not even 400 hectares of vineyards. You'll find a variety of other crops, including olive, and fruit trees.

Piero and Rosa, from a family vineyard called Mozzatta (the main CRU), began bottling and experimenting with biodynamics in 2005. They produce wines without chemicals. In the early days, they were considered crazy because chemical use was prevalent in the area. We can say La Visciola are pioneer of the area!

Over the years, they acquired more land and started producing more wine. However, it remains a very small winery with just 4/5 hectares of land. Even now, they produce fewer than 20,000 bottles annually, yet they've become a benchmark for Lazio wine.

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