We are Corkin

Discover the best artisanal wines from Italy at our online store based in Purmerend, just outside of Amsterdam. Founded by Simo and Marko, our selection includes unique and high-quality wines that are carefully sourced from small-scale producers.

Drink like a king, spend like a farmer.

While we may work remotely, our passion for wine knows no bounds! This photo captures our "virtual office" on Zoom, where Simo from Haarlem and Marko from Torino collaborate to bring you the best wine selection available online.

Explore our website, and especially our Instagram account @corkin.wijn to learn more about our story, our commitment to quality, and our exclusive collection of artisanal wines.

We are Corkin

Discover the beauty of the wine world with Corkin, the online destination for artisanal wines from Italy. Our co-founders, Marko and Simo, are passionate about wine, and dedicated to bringing you the best selection of unique and high-quality wines directly from small-scale producers.

Marko's extensive travels take him to 150 wineries every year, and with Simo's technical expertise and creative ideas, they work together to curate a collection of wines that reflects the taste, grapes, styles, price, and territories of each bottle. From the vineyards to your glass, Corkin takes you on a journey to understand the story behind each wine.

In a world where wine speculation, and high prices often dominate the conversation, Corkin is committed to showcasing wines that are affordable, and surprise everyone with their quality. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a novice, we invite you to join us behind the scenes and discover the places, cuisine, nature, and Italian traditions that make our wines so unique.

Buying a 1000€ bottle and saying "is great." it's easy, you just need money. Bringing a 20€ bottle of wine and surprise everyone: that is a real game changer.

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