Corkin is an online wine store featuring artisanal vignerons based in Purmerend, specializing in small-production, raw, unfiltered, and not clarified Italian wines. Our curated selection of wines showcases the unique character and terroir of each bottle. Visit our online store to discover rare, high-quality wines that are not widely available elsewhere

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New kids on the block

New doesn't always mean better, but with Marko's extensive tours of Italy, he's bound to uncover some hidden gems! 🇮🇹 If you're looking to try something unique and different, look no further. From rare varietals to small-batch producers, our selection offers a taste of Italy's diverse and vibrant winemaking culture.
BOX REVOLUTION: Connoisseur - Corkin
€181,00 €190,50
Pinot Nero - Corkin
Podere della Civettaja
Pinot Nero
Sold Out
Magum Pramartel - Corkin
Magum Pramartel
Sold Out
Dolcetto d'Alba - Corkin
Manuel Marinacci
Dolcetto d'Alba
Barolo del Comune di La Morra - Corkin
Barolo del Comune di La Morra
Sold Out
Elso Riserva 2015 - Corkin
Daniele Ricci
Elso Riserva 2015
Bramaterra 2018 - Corkin
Bramaterra 2018

Quick facts

Let's be honest, using the term 'natural wine' can boost sales. And we're proud to say that all the producers we work with share the same ideology and are committed to producing natural wines. If you want to learn more about what that means, check out our FAQ page where we dive into this topic in depth.
The world of wine is vast and ever-expanding 🌎. At Corkin, we believe that the best way to select, sell, and promote wine is by visiting the producers personally. That's why we consider ourselves lucky to have Marko constantly touring wineries in Italy and handpicking the best products for our store.
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Benvenuto in Corkin

Discover the unique and authentic tastes of artisanal wines at Corkin, a project born from the high school friendship of Marko and Simo. Our selection of wines reflects the ideas of the producers and their place of origin, featuring indigenous yeast, no filtration, and non-interventionist winemaking to preserve the wine's uniqueness.

At Corkin, we hand-select each producer directly from the field in Italy, with Marko sourcing the best-value wines and Simo delivering them from our Purmerend headquarters. Our wine shop showcases both established names in Italian wine craftsmanship, including Antoniotti, De Fermo, Daniele Ricci, and Foradori, as well as the next generation of vignerons such as Mortellito, Il Vinco, and Cantina Rabasco.

Visit Corkin online to explore our curated selection of artisanal wines, including Mitja Sirk, Villa Picta, Trediberri, Casa Belfi, Pantun, Enoliti Botanici, and many more!