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Anytime. 24h. See below "Where can I reach you".

In general, you can always drop us an email at

  • For boring matters, shipping, bureaucracy, or anything that is not funny Simo will answer your text at +31 683500003.
  • For questions about wines, or funny topics you can contact Marko at +31 683693476.


We sell wines from artisanal producers. People who believe in their work, and often who are re-evaluating their place of origin.

The world of wine is gigantic 🌎. We believe that visiting the producers personally is the best way to be able to select, sell, and spread their products. We are lucky that Marko is always around wineries in Italy!

Marko, the co-founder of Corkin, is based in Italy, which makes it possible for him to visit around 150 wineries a year. We only present to you wine producers we think are worth tasting.

But do not worry, we are also present near you! Simo, the other co-founder, is based in Purmerend near Amsterdam, and ships (sometimes personally) your orders directly to your doorstep 🚪.

Not going to lie, writing natural wine would certainly help with sales 🤐. The producers we work with, in the common ideology, are all natural wine producers. But the word natural doesn't mean much since there is no regulation. If to this, we add that this trend has also been followed by many people who started making wine without any expertise, the situation becomes delicate. Making wine is a real job like any other. Of course, we can say that there is an "artistic" part that is not there in other jobs. However, it is not a justification to create wines with defects hiding behind words like "art", "passion", etc...

We do really believe in artisanship instead. Passion, competence, study, tradition, territory. Elements that together lead to the creation of unique wines, without the use of chemistry and only with carefully taken men’s decisions..

Organic laws regarding wine are pretty wide and allow you, LEGALLY, to involve in the winemaking quite a lot, which does not suit what we stand for.
Having said that, we still do not understand how is possible to sell a bottle of wine produced in another country for 5€. Actually, we think we know how 😂, but it's probably not the right place to talk about it. We are happy to meet for a glass of wine and discuss it. We bring the wine 😎.

The vignerons we work with use zero, or veeeery little, chemistry ðŸ‘©‍🔬👨‍🔬. Our wines are fragile, much more so than Coke wines, as we like to call them. Most "weird" aromas are usually noticeable in the first few minutes after opening the bottle, and they tend to go away after the wine breathes. If that is not the case, and you feel that the wine is defected (which is rare), we will make it right, and you can request a new bottle.

In any case, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to assist you.

We are Marko and Simo. Based respectively in Italy and Purmerend. See the about us to know more!


All of our orders are shipped using MyParcel which relies on PostNL. At times your order may be delivered directly by Simo 😀.

Only for Purmerend (postal codes from 1440 to 1448) we deliver our orders always ourselves, and the shipping is free!

In case the package is shipped via PostNL mind you that the shipment uses PostNL leeftijdscheck (or age check) since we need to verify the age of the person receiving the order.

Unfortunately, no, you cannot pick up your order yourself, but don't worry it is in good hands 🤙! You can read more about our shipping policy here.