Daniele Ricci

An icon in the Piemonte wine world 🌍

Daniele Ricci

From the cashier on the highway to the best restaurants in the world. In the Netherlands: two Michelin stars restaurant De Nieuwe Winkel in Nijmegen, and one Michelin star Wils in Amsterdam, have Daniele's wines.

Cascina San Leto is the name of the winery; located in the Costa Vescovato, in the Colli Tortonesi, an area of great interest for the Timorasso. A white grape variety that gives the wine both body and power. Bear in mind that Daniele will surprise you with other grapes.

Daniele is a wine artisan. He told us: "When I was young fertilizers and chemicals were like the new iPhone model. My dad was looking for the most efficient; the top of the line." Daniele decided to put an end to it when he saw his little son (now over twenty years old) running around the vineyards. "Now that's enough," he said. And so it was.

Unique wines. The best? You decide that. It is certain that no one in the Tortona hills produces wines like those made at Cascina San Leto.

Grab a bottle or two of Daniele Ricci

Drink like a king spend like a farmer!
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