Daniele Ricci

Ti Voglio Bene


Ti voglio bene means I love you in Italian. This wine came from a vineyard bombarded with chemical filth and produced 150 quintals of grapes per hectare. Now down to 50. Is Daniele crazy? No, Daniele cares about health.

Grape Cortese 
Colour Orange 
Area Piemonte 
Bottle Size 75cl 
Aging Stainless steel 
Vintage 2018 
Alcohol percentage 12.0% 
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Taste & Experience

An everyday wine. Good structure. Salty, like all Daniele's wines on the palate. Nose of flowers and herbs. An aperitif with friends, grilled vegetables, and vegetarian dishes can all be great options.

Where is Daniele Ricci? 🤔


Strada San Leto 2
Costa Vescovato (AL)