Azienda Agricola Pantun

Vino Bianco


Do you want to surprise everyone with a white from southern Italy with low alcohol content? There it is. Nobody will believe that this is a wine from Puglia. Play the game!

Grape Verdeca, Greco Bianco 
Colour White 
Area Puglia 
Bottle Size 75cl 
Aging Stainless steel 
Vintage 2020 
Alcohol percentage 12.0% 
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Taste & Experience

Wine and food have always been the perfect marriage. If you really want a wine without much thinking, even without food, this wine is perfect. That doesn't mean bland. A small snack will also work. Antipasti and so on...

Where is Azienda Agricola Pantun? 🤔


Contrada Pantoni n.6
Mottola (TA)