Filippo Filippi

Vin da Goti


We have always thought Garganega was a very sexy grape variety. Now that wines with low alcohol content are hot, the time for this variety has come. Once it was the other way around, people only liked big wines. We have always liked this breath of freshness brought by Garganega coming from Soave. One of the most talented white grape varieties in Italy.

Grape Garganega 
Colour White 
Area Veneto 
Bottle Size 1000ml 
Aging Fiberglass 
Vintage 2020 
Alcohol percentage 12.5% 
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Taste & Experience

A lemonade. This is what you will think when you drink it. Highly drinkable but not boring. A convivial wine, to be drunk with simple dishes. It is not possible to drink only important wines. A trivial concept, but when you understand it you will enjoy drinking more, and you will save money.

Where is Filippo Filippi? 🤔


Via Libertà 55
Soave (VR)