Daniele Ricci

El Matt


Croatina is usually part of different blends of southern Piemonte and Emilia Romagna. This version is on its own. Very rare. It certainly has a significant amount of tannin; famous people have renamed it the Italian Syrah. Bullshit? Corkin is a bet. Let's bet.

Grape Croatina 
Colour Red 
Area Piemonte 
Bottle Size 75cl 
Aging Stainless steel 
Vintage 2019 
Alcohol percentage 14.5% 
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Taste & Experience

Fruity and soft wine with vibrant tannins. Excellent drinkability. It can go with more serious dishes but we can not see anything more perfect than a typical Italian cheese and salami board.

Where is Daniele Ricci? 🤔


Strada San Leto 2
Costa Vescovato (AL)