One day in Alcamo - Corkin

One day in Alcamo

Oct 26, 2023

Off we go! An hour and a half of flight, and we're back in Sicily. Palermo. We're lucky; our destination, Alcamo, is not even half an hour from the Sicilian airport. πŸ˜€

Waiting for Marko was Sergio Drago, an excellent young producer and winemaker (he started in 2017).

Alcamo is a highly suitable area for viticulture, or better said, an excellent area for agriculture in general. It's incredible to see so much (beautiful) biodiversity: vineyards, olive groves, orchards, and more...

In Sergio's garden, there are amazing blood orange trees – oh, they're so good (remember to eat fruit only in season; we know it's not always easy in the Netherlands).

Now back to the wine: this is the kingdom of Catarratto, the legendary white grape, and for the reds, Nero d'Avola rules, and surprisingly, Syrah produces great results here. Don't believe it? Break down those mental barriers...