Home is always home! Le Langhe - Corkin

Home is always home! Le Langhe

Jun 29, 2023

Home is always home. Marko recently went to Barolo, just an hour from his home. Why? A friend of his spoke to him about Alan, an American producer who owns a small cantina called Margherita Otto in Manforte d'Alba. The Langhe has always been a really traditional place so it's always fascinating to hear such stories. Alan's wines are wonderful! It is really true that sometimes "outsiders" appreciate the place you have always known better than you do!

Before coming home, Marko also paid a visit to Brovio, a historical cantina in Castiglione Falletto. Here, he tried all the Barolos from 2019 that are just coming out on the market. Che buoni! A vintage to keep an eye out, fanstastico!