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Faro - Sicilia is not only Etna!

Jan 18, 2024

The DOC Faro is a small area just above Messina, right at the eastern tip of Sicilia. The vineyards cover only a few hectares, but let's not get into exact numbers. People typically associate Nerello Mascalese with Etna, but we believe that this grape variety belongs to the entire island. Yes, Etna is famous for it, but you can also find a great version of this grape here in Messina.

Marko went to see Giovanni at Bonavita winery. Giovanni is a genuine gentleman and an excellent producer. His vineyard is small, about three hectares, mostly with Nerello Mascalese, some Nerello Cappuccio, and a bit of Nocera. Giovanni's red wines are outstanding, elegant, bursting with flavor, and truly distinctive. You can appreciate his innovative approach that goes beyond the ordinary. Definitely one of the best Sicilian wines.

P.S. The place, without even talking about the wine, is just amazing.