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Exploring Naples and Beyond

Aug 07, 2023

There's no city crazier about football than Naples πŸ˜…. You might not know, but the football team won the Italian championship (Scudetto) last May after 33 years, and even after all these months, the city is still decorated.

Marko went on the foothills of the Vesuvio (last eruption in 1944) to meet our friend Andrea near Torre Annunziata, from Napoli it's just a quick train ride. Look at the photos, a spectacle; you can see Capri during the train journey!

Andrea produces delicious volcanic wines! His winery is called Matrone. A delightful pizza, well, two pizzas, were a treat in the evening! 😁

The next day, Marko moved to the province of Caserta, where the famous Asprinio di Aversa grows. It's one of the most curious vines we have ever seen! The Asprinio di Aversa vines we saw were as tall as 7 meters. However, the municipality mentions on their website cases of vines reaching 25 meters!

Only two nights, a quick trip, but in two months, Marko will be back in Naples.