Barolo del Comune di La Morra


We are located in La Morra, the most beautiful village in the Barolo appellation. Over a decade ago,  Nicola, together with his father, and Vladmiro founded Trediberri—a well-established winery in the panorama of artisanal wines from the Langhe region. A traditional but contemporary Barolo wine. What does it mean? Taste it and tell us if you agree with this statement...

Grape Nebbiolo
Colour Red
Area Piemonte
Bottle Size 75cl 
Aging Oak barrel
Vintage 2018
Alcohol percentage 14.5% 
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Taste & Experience

The Barolo vintage of 2018 resulted in wines that are more approachable in their youth, making them ideal for immediate enjoyment. Braised meat, stews, and truffles are the dishes that go perfectly with the king of Piedmontese wines.

Where is Trediberri? 🤔


Borgata Torriglione 4
La Morra (CN)